About Us::

Our company name, AMIC, stands for Advanced Medical Information Crossroads.

AMIC was founded in 2010 by Yoshiaki Nakazawa who had workd more than 35 years with a globally well-known medical device manufacturer, Stryker Corporation in the US.  The Company aims to promote the advancement of medical equipment and medical technology in the global market making best use of experience and expertise in the industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical and financial.  The executive members are Yoshiaki's long-term acquaintances and joined the company for sharing the aspiration with him.  The members of the management team also have long experience of working with internationally well-known companies such as Pfizer, Shell, Stryker, and financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, CS First Boston.

The medical eqipment has advanced dramatically for the last dozen years or so and has much contributed to improve and promote people's health and life.  Amid the aging society to where many countries in the world including Japan are moving, further advancement and development in medical technologies are much expected.  Nowadays thanks to the development of new treatment methods and advanced surgical instsruments methods of surgical operation and treatment have made significant progress.  However, the development of medical devices and equipment needs not only technical capability but also various factors in order to lead to safe clinical application.  Furthermore, for the practical use both extensive experience and know-how in the world are necessary.

In Japan particularly there are many companies who have high technology and are able to enter medical equipment sector by applying their technology.  However, regrettably they lack in experience and know-how for putting their technology and development into commercial production safely and efficiently.

The medical administration system of each country makes it hard for medical lindustry to enter the foreign market.  Medical service including medical devices is a driving force of economic growth led by the Japanese government.

AMIC has know-how to develop, build sales network, and manage with long experience and through vast global network in the medical device sector, cosmetic surgery and surgical operation particularly.  Using these, AMIC provides support, consuting, etc. to both Japanese companies who are considering to enter foreign market and also to foreign companies who are considering to enter Japan markekt, develop products and to build sales network.


Expertise and Strength of AMIC:

  • Hand-on expertise in medical administration of Japan as well as foreign countries
  • Vast personal network in the global market
  • Capability of identifying new technologies and finding the best-matching partner
  • Knowledge and familiarity with actual medical practice
  • Well versed in the medical regulations, reporting requirements to authorities and entry barriers including industry practices and unwritten rules
  • Easy access to active doctors